Niagara City Cruises

Job title: IT Operations Coordinator
May 2021 - Present

Niagara City Cruises by Hornblower Group is Canada's boat tour cruise of Niagara falls. The company's goal is to provide a top end experience for those visiting the falls by offering a unique up-close experience of the falls.

As part of the IT team, responsibilities range from supporting network equipment and infrastructure, to assisting end users with our applications. Managing these end users and applications via Windows Active Directory, Okta, Ultipro, and more. On the hardware level, deploying computers, POS stations, cameras, A/V equipment.

Other responsibilities include assisting Hornblower's global IT helpdesk issues, including phone service.

Mohawk College

Job title: Student Technician
Sept 2019 - Dec 2019

Mohawk College offered a student contract for 4 months of paid work as a student technician during the second semester of my studies there. During that time, in the technical support department at Mohawk, I was given 3 main tasks during the 4-month period; designing a digital logic interface between a conveyor controller and PLC, assembling Festo educational automation machines for the engineering programs, and assembling lab kits.

Other responsibilities included lab assistance such as installing equipment, networking troubleshooting, organizing equipment, and taking inventory.

CIM Metals Inc.

Job title: Laser cutter & waterjet operator
Sept 2017 - March 2019

CIM Metals is a company that provides profile-cutting services by designing and producing custom parts from either the laser cutter, waterjets, or plasma cutter.

Responsibilities as an operator for CIM Metals includes interpreting CAD drawings, operating the production machinery to cut parts, operating other misc. machinery (forklift, crane, reach), and processing parts that have been cut.

Other responsibilities and skills at CIM Metals are occasional machine maintenance & repair, temporary work in shipping & receiving, and first aid training.

Custom Machining - E-commerce

Job title: Self-Employed
June 2016 - Jan 2018

This role of this position as self-employed was creating custom parts, often with embedded electronics. The products ranged from industrial heat-sinks to flashlights and laser pointers. Some designs were commissioned by the customer; however, the majority were original, intended to suit a client's requirements or to sell on a larger scale.

Parts were designed in the lab/office and then fabricated in the workshop with metal-working equipment such as a lathe, bandsaw, 3D printer, and other cutting/abrasive machinery.

Responsibilities for this position were diverse, ranging from customer support, product design, part fabrication, assembling electronic components, financial management, international shipping, online presence and more. This position is unique because all aspects were left to my own responsibility, which is where I learned to strongly develop core work ethics and skills.

Amazon Fulfillment

Job title: Amazon Associate
Nov 2020 - Jan 2021 (Seasonal)

At Amazon Fulfillment, I was responsible for sorting inbound merchandise throughout the warehouse. This was a temporary seasonal position during Amazon's "Peak" sales. Building on my skills from previous positions, a powered industrial truck (PIT) license was required, and another transfered skill from a previous position includes daily use of a "smart scanner."

Keeping a minimum production rate was a requirement for employement. I was able to maintain >90% percentile of all workers for the duration of this position.

Fortinos Supermarket

Job title: HMR Clerk
Dec 2019 - Nov 2020

As a member of the hot foods & rotisserie department, tasks for this job includes customer service, using kitchen equipment such as the rotisserie cooker, blast chiller, and oven, and preparing various food products.

Job title: Order Fulfillment
April 2020 - July 2020

PC Express is a shopping service that allows customers to order groceries and have them ready to pick up at a loading area at the store. This position involves item picking from the product shelves to prepare customer orders, using a network of mobile "smart scanners" for high efficiency order picking.

On A Bun: Italian Sandwiches

Job title: Kitchen Worker
Oct 2017 - Feb 2018

As part of the kitchen staff at On a Bun, I was responsible for preparing items on the restaurant's menu, ensuring all surfaces and dishes in contact with food are properly sanitized, as well as store opening and closing operations.